Motorcylce Safety Training – Motorbike Basics – All you need to know – *English & Spanish Subs*

ENGLISH + SPANISH Subtitles incl.
Intro: 0:03
Chapter 1: Viewing technique, “Pushing" uand “Laying" 0:31
Chapter 2: Braking technique 2:46
Chapter 3: Steering techniques and Breaking technique ab 4:57
Chapter 4: The correct line on the road ab 9:34
Final words 15:31
One of the most expierienced motorcycle instructor “Hannes Bagar" who rode more than 400.000 kilometers with his Varadero, gives you 20 minutes of FREE Motorcycle Safety Training you shouldn"t miss!
A must for every motorcycle fan!
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21 Replies to “Motorcylce Safety Training – Motorbike Basics – All you need to know – *English & Spanish Subs*”

  1. Very good institution video, especially the part about twisting roads and
    tight/hidden corners. This should be a part of drivers-license lessons
    really (it is partially in Sweden and Luxembourg).. Am I the only one
    that’s leaning with the turns to?? 1000ps is a nice page, continue the good
    work!! Auf Wiedersehen, from Sweden?

  2. Great video guys! Sometimes we think we know a lot just because we ride for
    some years but there’s always someone who can teach us something more ;)?

  3. There’s a lot of dangerous advice in this video. Check out “A Twist of the
    Wrist” (book and video). It’s the motorcyclist bible and the advice there
    is spot on.?

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