My First Motorcycle Accident unedited RAW footage

Bike: 2004 Sv 650 SF
18:31 is the time you want to skip to.

Before i go into the details and BS excuses “this was entirely my (the operator of the vehicle) fault this could have been avoided by safer riding and following basic teachings."
now that being said i came in too fast into the corner im not sure how fast i was going (38mph while in the turn) but i hesitated as i was in the turn and slightly applied the front brakes causing me to move over into the other lane. i attempted to push back into my lane on the slippery road surface and the bike slid out from under me.

my other bullshit excuse is that on my normal commutes i dont get into much of a lean and the outer portion of my tire (the Chicken Strip) hasnt been broken in yet so it was basically turning on a wet surface at high speeds with a new tire with its slippery outer lining. and after reviewing the video im pretty sure i slipped on the white divider lines.

and yes this was my first time riding on that road

damage to the bike can be seen in the vid damage to me was a sprained/swollen left thumb and minor scrape near my knee/shin area (about quarter sized)

25 Replies to “My First Motorcycle Accident unedited RAW footage”

  1. wtf with people honking you after just being in an accident! what a
    horrible place america is!?

  2. I would expect much more damage to the bike from a crash like that. It sure
    is a tough bike.?

  3. shit man hope you n the bike r cool,ya could plainly see it was the white
    line that took your wheels away bro!…same thing exactly happened to me
    and my dad a while back on white lines.?

  4. Road marks (paint), especially wet, are really dangerous…
    The bike slid under you the moment that front tire touched the paint….?

  5. Thank you very much for posting the video. I’m a novice undergoing training
    here in London so I studied the incident closely to see what I could learn.
    I’m so pleased that both you and your bike escaped very lightly.?

  6. wow man, nobody came out to help or anything? eh well glad you’re ok and
    you’re bike isn’t too smashed :)?

    center lane or left tire traffic. noob.?

  8. Did you just carry a slight bit to much speed in to that turn for the wet
    conditions and crossed lane i think as you tried to bring back to your
    normal lane you hit the white line and it took you out? is this correct?

  9. Here in South Africa we call that white lining.Never drive on the white
    lines dude espacialy when weather is shitty.Those lines r slippery.?

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