NEW Horrible Motorcycle Crashes Caught On Tape 2014 Accidents Compilation

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Motorcycle Accidents Compilation October 2013 Stunt Bike Crashes Motorbike Accidents 2013 November #3 HD New August

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25 Replies to “NEW Horrible Motorcycle Crashes Caught On Tape 2014 Accidents Compilation”

  1. Lol all of these wrecks are in russia, they’re to drunk to drive. And I
    also hate those gay ass cars they drive?

  2. Are there traffic rules in Russia? hahahaha I love my Russian friends, but,
    hey pals. too much vodka. ?

  3. You didn’t need to warn anyone about the content in this video. None of
    these crashe were that bad, most of them stood upright after they fell.?

  4. Do anyone of them own a driver license? I have never seen such idiots on
    bikes. Probably I do not see them because I do not live in russia :D?

  5. 11:30 patience can save you life lol. 11:53 Quickness can save you ass
    haha. Don’t chase a bike, you will lose :). These drivers/riders are the
    scariest ppl i would ever want to come in contact with.?

  6. So this pretty much shows don’t be an impatient idiot and also don’t drive
    too fast and watch for other stupid people and you should be pretty ok?

  7. Yeah, these are a bunch of videos from Russia. Man, they are either really
    stupid, really careless, or both.?

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