NEW Motorcycle Crashes Compilation October 2014 – End of Season Ep.#6

The new Horrible Motorcycle Crashes Caught On Tape 2014 Accidents Compilation of October 2014. Sixth episode on channel. No deaths and fatal.

End of season. The Episode #7 – Spring 2015!

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11 Replies to “NEW Motorcycle Crashes Compilation October 2014 – End of Season Ep.#6”

  1. Most of these Bikers are ignorante idiots. They think they can drive as
    they want because they are much faster then car drivers?

  2. I ride a motorbike. Lane splitting should be illegal. FYI…when vehicles
    are stopped there is usually a reason for it. DO NOT drive around like you
    just won the lottery…look out.?

  3. 3:47 – that would be some ass kickin’ time.
    5:06 – what is the name of the song/band for this music? I have heard it on
    your videos before.?

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