New Zealand Police Motorcycle Training incl POV.

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  1. I did not know you were an officer. A whole new level of respect for you
    You look very comfortable maneuvering a bike with equipment. Made it look

  2. The offset cone weave looked tricky; what a great practice session.
    You have awesome skills…I think I need much more practice.
    Very well-done! What part of your body gets the most workout doing these??

  3. Wow, really interesting video. Always wondered what sort of things you had
    to go to ride the police bike! ?

  4. Wow, nice control buddy. You GOTTA get me a guest invite so I can have a

    I tried standing but it raised the centre of gravity. I prefer sitting.
    Nicely done. Gonna share this on Roadcraft Facebook page. ?

  5. Well, here it is, the perfect example to follow 🙂
    One day… one day i will surely ride as perfect as this.
    You just wait Mr. John, wait ant see! :))?

  6. Very impressive.
    Now try it on a super sport on a busy wet greasy road during rush-hour with
    the fact that if you drop it or hit something it has to come out of your
    pocket and not taxes.?

  7. As someone else said here, I had no idea you were a cop either. Huge
    Rrspect to you mate.
    I did have a NZ cop message me on FB about a year ago. The name eludes me
    as my inbox is extremely busy however he was in full support of what I do..
    as I’m in full support of what you do!! Great vid!?

  8. Very impressive bike control. I fingered police would have to do some extra
    training and testing. Very cool to see what you guys have to do and it’s a
    lot more than I expected. New found respect for the skill level of the NZ
    Police Force motorcycle officers. Keep up toe good work.?

  9. @7;20 its like the tyre warm up lap down the straight when leaving Akaroa
    past the cop shop ;-)?

  10. Great video, great skills. The cone weaving looks just looks like you are
    dancing with the bike! Great moves.?

  11. I ride in Auckland commuting, and only have seen the odd Motorcycle Cop
    around. This is was great to see the skill level required for you to be
    one. Great video mate.?

  12. Awesome control, thanks for sharing, like +RoadcraftNottingham wouldn’t
    mind if you guys had to extradite me to have to serve time learning this
    stuff :-). Shared to the South Lancs SLAM bikers site for their interest,
    If your an average rider +St John Smythe then I’m just humble pie sh*te?

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