News Report on Motorcycle Training Cource in Tampa Bay Area Stirs up Debate

Bay News 9 (a Tampa Bay area News Chanel) did a report today on Suncoast Safety Council"s training course in Clearwater. The article sparked a lot of comments on weather helmets save lives or not.

“The riders being trained are required to wear helmets, but how do they feel about having to wear a helmet when heading out on the road?
“I feel it"s a really good idea," Taylor said. “I feel when you"re riding a motorcycle, safety is number one."

Taylor"s classmate Charles Salvatore agrees.
“I think everybody should have a helmet," he said. “You know, just keep you safe."
And safety is what Burton teaches, and says people can benefit from training and helmets."

Here are some of the comments:

Joe wrote:A helmet just guarantees you to be on life support. I would rather die than be a veggie. I think a strict automobile driver test should be given every 4 years…not just a written one. That will solve most of the motorcycle deaths….Failure to yeild the Right of Way.

RTR wrote:Been riding for a long time. At 70 mph a helmet just makes a better looking corpse. I dont wear one my choice. I do wear a seatbelt also my choice.And if the insurance companys could find a way to charge you extra for not wearing a seatbelt it wouldnt be a law either.

Quack-Quack wrote:As a recent transplant, I still do a double take every time I see riders without helemts down here. No matter how skilled the rider, the helmet will protect them from some of these crazy Florida drivers. Helemts are a “No-Brainer". The course must be doing some good, I do see those guys out there every day on the way to work. Keep it up guys, do they have a course like this for drivers?

JB52 wrote:Traffic law enforcement will help. If you believe you ever have the right of way, get off that bike immediately and plan your funeral. That"s a tip from an old school biker!

TK wrote:I have been riding motorcycle in Florida for about 2 years now. I went through the Motorcycle Riders Association"s Safe Rider Course before I got my license. I think what the teach in this class is the key to survivial not just here in Florida but whereever you ride. To this day, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my skills, safety and visibility on the road.

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