Night Vlog, Motorcycle Insurance Rant

Never filmed at night before decided to see how it would come out. Not too shabby. Quick rant about my insurance company. What"s every one paying as far as insurance goes and what bike are you on?

Thanks to the homie ZXrider for putting to together a intro for me. Be sure to sub his channel

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8 Replies to “Night Vlog, Motorcycle Insurance Rant”

  1. Was quoted 1700 euro’s for a brand new 2012 F800GS (full options).

    No way i am paying that. But i now paying 450 euro’s a year for legally
    required and theft insurance.?

  2. Trust me 30 isn’t so bad! Insurance will drop heaps! I’ve just payed $280
    for the whole year full coverage on my super sport 1k =)?

  3. You actually might not have been covered that year, they were just taking
    your money. The same might apply if you don’t have a motorcycle license (at
    least as far as liability). Trust me, insurance companies will screw you
    over if even the smallest detail is incorrect. They will be happy to take
    your money the whole time though.?

  4. I have gieco and they have been pretty good to me. I laid my bike down with
    my wife on, the only thing damaged was a broken mirror and her broken
    wrist. They took care of her as far as bills and loss wages with some comp
    Even though the accident was my fault they even offered to fix my bike
    (which I already had replaced the mirror myself).
    However my insurance did go up about $17 a month since April. ?

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