Off Road Motorcycle Training – Team #OWOR with CS Santosh


Meet the badass Riders

1 . Debassish Ghosh

who is a no – nonsense rider and also passionate about running HOI …
Hardcore rider who planned and lead. Mr. Debassish Ghosh a.k.a “ Debu ”
from Mumbai.

2. Dr. Maral Yazarloo

Dr. Maral Yazarloo Marketeer as a professional fashion designer and biker at heart.
The first of many titles
– First and the only girl rider to attend the first HOG ride of India
– First and the only girl rider went to International HOG rally of
India to Bhutan
76000 Kms on her harley makes her the “ ladies of harley “ (LOH) in India
First girl to own a ducati and BMWGS
– First lady who made a platform for Ladies who ride super bike ( above
650cc) in India under the name of “ Ladies riders of India.

3. Dharmendra Jain

The quintessentials rider. Who soldiers on irrespective of obstacles,
challenges and late nights one has had till objectives have been
achieved. Who will regale the group with dances as also make friends
with big hearty smile, who believes in philosophy of give all, expect
One of the two riders on this trip who has faced the elements in the 45
days ASEAN CORRIDOR ride in 2015 and will play a key role in steering
the OWOR team. The ASEAN ride started from Mumbai to Singapore and back.

Besides has been a part of 1st Indian Harley ride to Bhutan in 2014 as
also the first who set out to tour the 13th harley chapters in India in

4. Happy Singh

The man who spreads happiness & Yoga wherever he goes.
Happy Singh is one who gets excited by the length & challenge of the
journey than mere mortals would. And who would anything to get the pack
see through one challenge after another.

He holds the distinction of “ IRON BUTT” and also ridden to Bhutan in
2015. In preparation for OWOR world ride.

He has also attended Sturgis in 2014

When not riding, He is Often experimenting with cuisines to satisfy the
taste of buds of patrons who throng his entries.

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1 . Debassish Ghosh

2. Maral Yazarloo

3. Dharmendra Jain

4. Happy Singh


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