Police motorcycle training in Wales on Honda ST1300’s

Came across 2 Police motorcyclists in Wales and found out later they were out training. The lead bike is the pupil, second the instructor and 3rd bike my mate – Not Police. I had to film them……

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  1. If you want to join the police motorbike unit just so you can speed without
    getting “done”, then you are joining for all the wrong reasons.

  2. niceee ill have to go to germany 1 day :L take a gsxr 1000 with me or put a
    hayabusa engine in a gsxr 1000 ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. although to say the truth I know that UK police may be one of the best if
    not the best trained riders in Europe

  4. So if you been riding for a long time , that makes your riding correct ???
    There right your wrong on this one !

  5. actually these are the finest riders in the world. their training is
    incredible and i have huge respect for police bikers and car drivers!!!
    i’ve had first hand training from one, and it was the best riding
    experience i’ve had!

  6. Man I’m surprised they didn’t get upset at 5:25, it’s a blind corner.
    Should I be motoring along in my Lambo at 60mph coming the other way you’d
    be toast. Also if the Rover had to brake for a deer or something you’d all
    be in trouble. You’re a plant aren’t you? Sent to ruffle the pupil? Taking
    it in turns like in Super Troopers? Mother of gaad.

  7. @artespan I believe every police rider is excellent, given the fact that
    they have to master both the bike and the police duty. They cannot let
    inperfections in the way, methinks.

  8. @Crinkleduster The police didn’t overtake on blind bends, and you might
    need to have some regard for the effects of the camera lens on distances.
    Now, really dangerous was the guy in black. Twice. The first time when he
    had to brake sharply to dive behind a car on a LH bend when oncoming
    traffic nearly speared him. And the second, long overtake may, again, have
    had far more view than the camera allows.

  9. @Limpandtotheleft Sure but that doesn’t have any effect on oncoming traffic
    around a blind corner. It is a clichรฉd biker view that all motorists are
    asleep and not paying enough attention, but the truth of it is bikers are
    sat higher up, have a better view and far more power and it often makes
    them forget their limitations. They’re rarely as visible as they think
    especially sat tailgaiting in a blind spot waiting to overtake.

  10. riding a bikes 3 years now,and I only discovered this great technique…
    feel much more confident and honestly going through the bends and twisties
    much more quicker…

  11. @Limpandtotheleft I use that road weekly and that corner does indeed have
    very very good visibility for such overtakes so that particular one was not
    a problem. The earlier one where he had to cut in as a white car came from
    the opposite direction was however at best scruffy

  12. @sparkygl0s “Lan-gollan” I think he said! Definitely NOT a Welshman!! Two
    Ls are pronounced.. er… chhll. (How do you write that!?)

  13. Was the pupil riding with his flip helmet up and also the visor up as well-
    I was told off for doing that

  14. No sound again on this one. You must be recording them at least 2 different
    protocols ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. @b57ecv 1) the advanced course teaches people to ride briskly WITHIN the
    speed limits. 2) police have a speed excemption rule for pursuit or blue
    light runs and training i believe.

  16. Great vid, Nigel! How come the guy at 3:20 overtook you and the the police
    motorcycles?…He has some cheek!! And why did the guys on the police bikes
    not pursue him them??…assuming he was speeding. /-)

  17. Great video on how to ride. Get out to the line and get ‘vision on’ and
    keep left on R handers.I loved the bit when the ‘civvi’ rider pulled in
    between the police bikes, just getting in before the solid and proceeding
    to overtake (safely I might add on the long left hander). On straights it
    was nice to see the bikes staggered left side, right side, left side to
    keep that vision on in front. Good to watch

  18. No mate, national speed limit varies depending on road and vehicle. Dual
    carriageway national speed limit is 70mph for cars and bikes, but 60 for
    lorries. On single lanes it is 60mph for all vehicles. I take cheques or
    paypal ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Can anyone please tell me about this much talked about “weave” or “pan
    weave” that I have heard so much about. I’ve read that the Honda ST1300 was
    banned from being used in England because of a death when the bike began to
    violently weave at high speeds. I like the bikes styling and reliability.
    Please respond with a REPLY.

  20. Pretty lame without the running commentary on the radio. What exactly are
    you training for? Abject silence?

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