Rampart Rider DVD — RawHyde Adventure’s Off-Road Riding Clinic, Colorado

This training DVD features RawHyde Adventure"s Off-Road Riding Clinic from September 13, 2012, sponsored by BMW of Denver & RampartRider.com. It is 1hr40min in duration and features the training commentary from brothers, Shawn and Lance Thomas, in The Classroom and on The Course. The Classroom section includes The Top Five Mistakes Off-Road Riders Make and a Question and Answer period. The Course exhibits four exercises, Drill 1 — Ride Standing; Drill 2 — Slow Speed Balance & Control; Drill 3 — Trail Stops; Drill 4 — Turning Technique, as well as Lifting the Bike. Each participant in the clinic is featured practicing their technique. The instructors share with each individual what they are doing correctly and incorrectly motivating a great training experience to learn from and noted by a few students in testimonials interspersed throughout. To order your copy on DVD, contact us today!


Video: Chiaroveggente Productions – http://www.chiaroproductions.com/
Music: Emma V Rios, Composer – https://soundcloud.com/emmavrios