Rider Course

Here"s a snapshot at some of the introductory driving experience the MSF course provides you.

On Day 1 we went through exercises 1-9, over the course of 5 hours. A lot of repetition of the same drill occurs to build a strong fundamental base of skills, but here are some highlights of those drills.

Question: I"m considering taking a basic rider course and I don"t have a drivers permit/license or a motorcycle permit/license.

I was wondering if they are needed. The prerequisite says “Ability to ride a bicycle. Full protective attire is required. Must be of legal age to operate a motorcycle on the street. Depending on State, participants may need a driver"s license and/or motorcycle permit."

Thanks in advance

Answer: The basic rider course is conducted off of the road, so in some states you do not need a license of any kind to take it. This is assuming you borrow a MC from the facility conducting the training, or trailer your bike to the course site.

Most states require a permit to do limited riding during the day, and this is the most logical situation because then even if taking the course does not require it, you can ride your cycle to the course site.

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  1. “Depending on State, participants may need a driver’s license and/or motorcycle permit.”
    That sentence answers your question….does your state require a valid license? Why don’t you call your local DMV and ask them.

  2. depends on your state, but chances are you need a permit, they are super easy to get, i just walked in, took a common sense test and got my permit and i literally knew nothing about operating a bike

  3. My state does not require a permit, does require a valid driver’s license.

    Also allows a permit with only passing a written test, allows a “motorcycle only” license by passing a skills test.

    Go figure.

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