Safeco & MVR Insurance Agency – Motorcycle Insurance

Safeco & MVR Insurance Agency

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15 Replies to “Safeco & MVR Insurance Agency – Motorcycle Insurance”

  1. These ads truly are the story of a nagging wife and a man who has been
    broken by it.

  2. @starlatina1 I haven’t seen this ad on TV, but had to add it to my
    “Favorites.” The one w/ the boat I have, though. 🙂 I love these
    commercials, as well & wish the couple in these commercials were my
    grandparents lol

  3. “He’s always on that motorcycle, revving the engine like some kinda
    juvenile delinquent.” Hahahahaha!!!!!?

  4. I want to die in my sleep like my Grandpa, not screaming and crying like
    his sidecar passenger! As the proud owner of 2 sidecars, let me assure you
    that they are most definitely fun.?

  5. It’s Ural Tourist. A Russian Copy of a BMW and not usually ridden without
    the sidecar with that Leading Link front suspension?

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