Save on Motorcycle Insurance & No-Brainer Savings Tips

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Canada, and it can get quite expensive, especially for new riders. In this episode, I will go over some of the basic questions new motorbike riders need to know, and I will offer no-brainer tips on how you can reduce motorcycle insurance costs. I offer 8 ways in this video:

1. Do not get comprehensive insurance unless mandatory.
2. Increase your deductible.
3. Take a motorcycle safety course.
4. Take advantage of club membership benefits.
5. Use an insurance broker.
6. Ask for discounts.
7. Insure a lower displacement bike.
8. Maintain a clean riding record.

I also go over my thoughts on comprehensive insurance and how you can insure your own bike. If you liked this video, please hit that like button, or better yet, hit that subscribe button and I"ll see you in my next video. As always, ride safe and thanks for watching.

4 Replies to “Save on Motorcycle Insurance & No-Brainer Savings Tips”

  1. One other big one: shop around. When I was getting quoted for my first
    bike, I got prices from $1350 – $3000. The only thing that changed between
    these quotes was the company providing them. Spending an hour or two making
    phone calls could save you $1000 a year or more.?

  2. Interesting points. In Saskatchewan, we have government insurance.
    Everybody is required to have the same basic coverage. After that, you
    purchase upgrades onto your insurance.

    In the case of bikes, next year, you will pay 500 a year on your learners
    if you do not take a course. If you take a course (under 500) and dont
    have any violations while in the graduated license period, they pay you
    back for it! Our insurance is wierd here….?

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