[SRD Community] An Untold Motorcycle Accident

[M18] An untold motorcycle accident. “Involving a motorcyclist and the car in road tunnel. Driver with recording cam was seen moving from overtaking lane to middle lane without realising there"s a motorcycle in front and later crashed onto the back of the motorcyclist. We have alot of doubts about this accident. Hopefully this serve as a reminder to all. Anything can happen, anytime, anywhere on the road regardless whether you are driving, riding, cycling or walking. Be safe." -SRD Community

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23 Replies to “[SRD Community] An Untold Motorcycle Accident”

  1. Actually, he sounds like he was suffering a minor stroke. Hope he dies from
    it too. Moron.?

  2. That’s why motorcyclist must have eyes at the back of the head too! Always
    must be aware of such dickies driving. ?

  3. Jasmine oh Jasmine. Why did you delete my comment? All I ask if you were
    either really interested in the content SRD have or are you just leeching
    people off to your videos.?

  4. I don’t understand why he sounded so confused about the accident when it’s
    so obvious that he’s at fault. I’m glad that the motorcyclist didn’t get
    run over and hopefully his injuries are not serious.?

  5. The biker’s not even in the blind spot and still get hit. What was the
    driver even doing when he change lane? Texting??

  6. motorcyclist was too slow and did not use his brake signal to inform the
    driver that he was going to hit him..100% motorcyclist’s fault?

  7. Bikers will always be the losing end with this type of Mother *ucker

  8. Trans Cab, the taxi company with the most fucked up drivers. A friend of
    mine go hit by Trans Cab twice on a different occassion. I guess they drive
    to run down motorcyclist?

  9. Most likely driver is sleeping, i don’t see any blind spot which could
    hinder driver view of motorcyclist going in front of him/her.
    Yesterday i just caught a bus driver sleeping and abrutly stopping on road
    while ferrying PRC tourist around.?

  10. Rider hope u r ok. DUMBASS driver plz stop driving..or one day u will get a
    free upgade frm a Dumbass driver to a Dumbass Murderer.. to all road
    user… b Safe y’all..?

  11. TP should revoke the driver’s licence. He is endangering other road users.?

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