Street Bike FAIL Motorcycle ACCIDENT Suzuki GSXR 600 Gixxer Best SAVE Ever Amazing Close Call 2016

AMAZING Street Bike EPIC FAIL Motorcycle Crash Rider Makes Best Save Ever Extremely Close Call Big Accident Nearly Avoided On Suzuki GSXR 600 or Gixxer 600 Sport Bike Caught On Video Camera 2016! Watch as motorcyclist goes off road while riding on a public highway at high speeds. Biker riding on the freeway accidentally runs off the road while rider is traveling at high speed around a corner the street bike rider loses control of his motorcycle then some how avoids big bike crash after making the best save i have ever seen in my life. It is amazing the motorcycle rider did not crash hard & was not seriously injured this biker got extremely luckily. Sometime it is better to be luckily then good. This video serves as a great reminder to always wear the proper safety gear when riding a motorcycle such as protective full face helmet, leather gloves, mess or leather riding jacket with protective padding or back & spin protector! Please enjoy this video clip!!!

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