Sunshine and New Accessories, plus Motorcycle Insurance CRF250L

Just going out to renew my motorcycle insurance. Since it was such a beautiful sunny day, I thought I"d do a video to share the sunshine with you, and tell you about the new accessories that I purchased, just waiting for warmer weather to install.

Keep a watch for future videos detailing the installs, and my impressions of the products.

4 Replies to “Sunshine and New Accessories, plus Motorcycle Insurance CRF250L”

  1. Wondering if you’ve thought about heated grips? I ride all winter in
    Victoria and was finding it rough on the hands so I installed a set of
    Oxford Heaterz. Had them on for about a week now…got them from Revzilla
    for $50 on clearance…really like them so far…install was a bit of a
    pain though. They also offer a bit more grip than the standard grips.?

  2. Sunshine has an amazing effect on all of us doesn’t it?
    I hate winter gloves and try to always wear soft leather, combined with
    heated grips and a fairing.
    What would make a big difference for you would be what I had on other naked
    bikes, “handGuards”
    They are cheap, plastic, but my goodness how the deflect the cold air
    stream from the hands and make life nicer.?

  3. How bout a full-face helmet??? When I crashed out last August I partially
    landed on the right hand side of my head. Without the shield I would have
    got an eyeball full of rocks and mud as well as lacerations to my face.
    Just looking out for you bro :)?

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