The scariest MOTORCYCLE crashes caught on tape (NEW)

Compilation of the scariest motorcycle crashes.
Extremely lucky drivers, they all survived without serious injuries!
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25 Replies to “The scariest MOTORCYCLE crashes caught on tape (NEW)”

  1. 06.38: Why the guy running after the ‘White Car?’ It was the guy’s poor
    riding skills coursed him to crash, not the White Car.?

  2. Most of this video is just a bunch of idiots. Both people that can’t drive
    and people that shouldn’t ever be on two wheels.?

  3. The guy at 2:08 made me laugh so hard. literally should never have gotten
    that tiny thing. Doubt he’d be safe walking!?

  4. Watching this video is the reason y i havent been killed, keeps me scared
    of other drivers. Im a daily commuter and i cross the mex border
    constantly. I’ve had so many close calls, its ridiculous. These things
    happen everywhere mex and u.s.?

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