1. Woii…trabass..well I’m in the long line tho fo ur fan base but big up
    when I watch u when I’m sad I can get a good laugh….Addi truth…keep
    doing the good work I’m a proud subscriber?

  2. Big up u self trabass one love tr8888
    Rate wa u and do and how u do it continue general sky is the limit ?

  3. Omg Trabass idc what u vlog about ill always watch it ????????lolol u can vlog
    about the paint on the wall and ill still watch it and laugh.. im not
    crazy.. lmao?

  4. I serious wonder if ppl watch and like these videos bcuz he is jamaican and
    so r the viewers?

    No im not hating bcuz to be honest i dont see anything to hate on but
    wheres the substance? Wheres the comedy? Maybe i just dont get it and maybe
    someone can respectfully enlighten me?

  5. I still watch his videos eventhough sometimes I don’t understand wtf they
    be saying lol it’s just good vibes…..
    -love all the way from Houston !?

  6. Lmfao white dude gave him the evil eye when he said white ppl section.
    Trabass filming white gyals laying down in the sand and ting. Boi they gon
    deport your mudda skunt!!!! Keep playing lmfao!!! Jokes!! I do the same
    thing. #FloridaLife?

  7. DWL… watch him a drink apple juice outa Hennessy bakkle an a gwaan like
    im drunk!…lol.?

  8. Vlogs coming in more often Andrew, cussing connect you lol. Keep it up. Can
    you please come to Jamaica and come perform at UWI or just do an appearance
    ?? ?

  9. I love the vlog!!!<3<3<3please continue to do this more often….come 2 ja
    as well and don't forget wify…..btw a me alone notice say "d friends like
    spoggy, nice, ect no in the vlogs?? #ilovetrabass?

  10. Next time your vloging please tell us a story about how you met your wife
    and where the hell is famous?????

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